Briana, the London escort (part one)

The Agency

I sat alone with my picture in hand eagerly awaiting the IT kid as he took his time with lunch. Today I had to go to the office after being called in for a profile update, it’s been three years since my last profile update and I have gotten way hotter since then. This might be a little confusing for you so let me back up a little and give you the full picture.
My name is Briana and I am an escort, simply put I am the best escort in the business. I am twenty-seven now and I have been in the game for seven years at this point. The head office was located in the heart of London, on Neal Street in the lively Covent Garden area.

The front office masqueraded as a model agency while the back operated as a base for the best London escort agency, that way no one asked any questions as tens of dashing young ladies walked through the door every day.

There was a cue right in front of me and I could count eight hot girls, the type men would empty bank accounts on just for a night. They were all trying to join the agency and this was their one chance to impress in their showcase. Good luck to them. They were all stunning and hot but it takes way more than that to get into the agency. Maybe looks could get you into any other escort agency but not here into the best London escort agency.

I remember during my interview I had to engage in tests that showcased how I could hold a conversation with a client and they graded me based on how relaxed I was. We were put through different scenarios to show how we would respond such as stimulating a scene with a client who was really nervous or a client who was having sex for the first time.

The job wasn’t an easy one, but it was all for the satisfaction of the client, that was my only goal in life, the total and absolute satisfaction of my a. I lived for that and enjoyed it, right now I can’t envision myself doing anything else apart. I was willing to do anything to stay at the top and that meant using my breathtaking body to maintain my five-star escort rating and perfect reviews. It was a really competitive work and one bad night could lead to a bad review and then comes the allegations of you being washed. Every night I had a client, I had to be in top form and that was just non-negotiable.

I took one more look at the girls and only one of them had the hunger and desire in her eyes, she reminded me a bit of myself, tall, blonde, beautiful, and a pair of enormous knockers. I was born with the looks but I had to acquire the elegance and grace. It was really easy to become an escort these days since everything was online and anyone could easily create a website but it was difficult to be an escort with class. Everything about us just screamed professional and maybe that was the reason for our massive success all over London.

“I’m sorry for the delay.”

A voice from behind said and I turned around to see the IT Kid approaching me. One look at him and even a baby could tell he was a nerd, he probably mastered everything about the internet before age twelve.

“Where have you been?” I asked him. “You said you needed thirty minutes but it’s almost forty-five minutes.”

“I apologize ma’am.” He pleaded. “There was a problem with the printer upstairs. My partner is sick at home so I’m pulling double duty today. I’m here now so we can get going.”

“I hope it won’t be as time-consuming as last time,” I told him. “I have an appointment with a client and I plan on being there not a second past seven. You know how I work.”

“I know a lot about you ma’am.” He giggled. I guess my reputation travels far when you are at the top of your game. “We will soon be done here, it’s not like we are creating a new profile or anything. All we are doing is updating your profile with a few details and you are good to go. It’s not time-consuming. The Brazilian escort, what’s her name?”

“You mean Martha?” I said.

“Yes, she was here yesterday” he continued. “We were done in a matter of minutes. It’s no big deal.”

Martha was a Brazilian escort who arrived here three years ago, she had a really fat ass and I hear she could use her assets really violently. There had been attempts by a really famous porn company to get her for a video and they were ready to pay some sweet cash. Like myself, she had a few legendary stories which I must confess was really impressive.

There was an African client to the agency who as the story had it walked around with a twelve-inch pipe which he used to cause some real damage to a couple of the agency’s girls. I waited patiently for the day I would get the chance to service his tool and see what all the fuss was about. Two years ago the man chose Martha as his escort for the night and the rest was history.

There are so many rumors about that night such as the man proposing to Martha right after she was done servicing him but getting turned down. Since we as an escort have to sign a contract obligating us to secrecy then the only confirmed story from that night was a review left by the man himself where he said Martha had deepthroated every bit of his thirteen-inch cock like it was candy. The review had the African man praising her body and claiming that her enormous ass bouncing on him made him cum almost five times. The review skyrocketed Martha’s popularity in the escort world and she was a five-star escort within a year.

The foreign escorts were doing really well. For example, the Russian escort achieved a five-star rating within two years and she was really talented. There were lots of men captivated by her ballerina figure or maybe it was just her accent that made her desirable. I heard she could do a lot of gymnastic moves on a dick like it was a ballerina pole.

I was always happy to advise any of the girls on anything, there was always a lot of jealousy stemming from competition, especially amongst the female escorts but I never cared about all that, I know I am the best escort right now in London.

It didn’t matter their ethnicity whether it was the American escort or the Asian escort or the Latina escort or even the African escort, I didn’t give a fuck about any of them as I was simply the best London escort.

“I guess I never really told you my name.” The IT guy said. “It’s Greg. Please call me Greg”

“Alright, Greg,” I said to him. “I’m Briana.”

“I knew that already ma’am,” he said. “I need you to select three pictures out of these,” Greg said as he showed me a laptop screen filled with my erotic pictures. The pictures were from a photo shoot that had taken place earlier in the day. I had taken over 50 nude pictures all in different styles and poses.

I looked carefully and choose one where my hands covered my pussy but my nipples looked really good, one where I had a twerking pose on, and one where I had my breast covered in oil with my index finger in my mouth.

“That was quick,” Greg told me. “Others usually spend a lot of time on this.”

“I’m gorgeous in every picture I just needed to choose three where I was even more gorgeous.” Greg smiled as I said those words.

Next, he clicked on an application and a few questions popped out. I quickly filled in the answers

Hair (Blonde)

Height (5'9)

Breast size (38DD)

Enhancements (natural)

Public hair (clean shave)

Sexuality (Bi)

Clothes size (9)

Would you like to change your profile description? Gregg asked me. I took one look at it and it read

Crazy blonde with a high sex drive ready to fuck at all times. Anal, blowjobs creampies, any form of BDSM, and many more. Just click below and have the night of your life

I wrote that description when I first got started and every single bit of it still rings true.

“Any other thing?” I asked Greg.

“You are good to go” he replied. “Nice meeting you.”

“Nice meeting you too, Greg,” I said as I grabbed my bag and stood before quickly making my way to the entrance.

continuing …. click here for part 2