Briana, the Brazilian escort (part two)

The hotel

I sauntered out onto Neal Street, the London mist hanging in the air like a secret waiting to be unraveled. I gave a really classy appearance of a smart businesswoman, with my tailored stove pipe skirt white silk blouse, and matching suit jacket.

My lush appearance was covered with a seductive black lace bra that matched my thong and seamed thigh-high stockings. Hailing a taxi, I slid into the worn leather seat, the city’s hum blending with the purr of the engine.

“Grosvenor Hotel,” I barked, and the cabbie, a grizzled fellow with a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth, nodded in silent acknowledgment.

The Grosvenor loomed ahead, a grand dame among the city’s accommodations. The taxi jolted to a stop, and I slid out, the brisk air biting at my coat.

Entering the lobby, I was met with opulence—crystal chandeliers, plush carpets, and the hushed tones of discreet conversations. The concierge, a man with a waxed mustache that could rival any detective novel character, glanced up.

Before I could speak up I heard call me from behind.


The man asked as he approached me. I extended my delicate hand and replied.

“Are you Gareth?” I asked him.

“Yes,” he replied. “I have been waiting for you.”

“I’m here early,” I said to him. “You must have gotten the time wrong.”

“I know you are on time,” I said. “I am really horny right now and I regret choosing this time.”

“I understand,” I said to him. “You Will have all your desires fulfilled today.”

“I am not looking for much.” He replied to me. “I just want to fuck you senseless and give you multiple orgasms.”

This was a weird request because he was really good-looking and if he wanted a lady to fuck he could easily woo any girl off the street. Guys like him usually had a secret fetish and looked for escort girls to fulfill their fantasies.

“Okay,” I replied him. “My pleasure.”

“Do you want anything or straight to action?” He asked me.

I stood up before I replied to him.

“Let’s get it. You are about to have the night of your life.”

“I guess you are not a five-star escort for nothing,” he said before he stood up and led the way to his room up the stairs.

As we got to the room, he sat down and from the look on his face I could see that he was ready, I decided that it was time for me to do the same. I turned around to face him and with a seductive smile on my face, I turned to face him, slowly unbuttoning my suit jacket. As soon as it fell open I began walking slowly seductively towards Garth.

My jacket slipped off my shoulders and I let it flow down my arms and land on the floor with my eyes still fixated on Garth who sat on the bed while returning the gaze.

I looked beside the jacket on the floor and saw a remote control which had the inscription ‘wireless sound’ on it.

I knew immediately it was a remote control for a Bluetooth speaker, I immediately bent down and picked it up and pressed the red button and a ‘power on’ sound filled the room, followed by ‘pairing’. I took out my phone and paired both devices and quickly navigate to my sluty playlist. Soft sounds instantly began to fill the room seemingly coming from all four corners.

I threw the remote towards him and continued my slow walk towards the bed.

“Stop,” Garth said holding his hands up towards me.

I did as instructed, stopping immediately and having my legs stretch my black skirt over my sexy thighs.

He then smiled and said.

“Strip for me.”

I returned his smile with a more sensual one of my own as my hips began to move to the sounds of the song. This wasn’t my first rodeo and if a client wanted a strip show then he was going to get the best strip show ever.

Gareth couldn’t look away as he had his eyes fixated on me as my hips swung strongly to the strong beat of the tune. I slid my outstretched fingers over my pure white silk blouse which covered my abdomen then gently pressed my breasts together and leaned slightly towards him allowing him a sensuous preview of my huge succulent cleavage.

Gareth smiled knowing that with me he would be getting his money’s worth, since he wanted a strip tease then this tease won’t be over until he was completely aroused. I moved my fingers to the fabric just below my collar then slowly began to toy with the first unopened button. My well-painted nails played with the button for a moment then I slipped it through the small opening. Gareth was enjoying every bit of this and he was not afraid to show his contentment as he smiled and then said.

“You’re such a tease.”

“You have no idea,” I replied as I dropped my pretty fingers to the next button.

Four buttons and two songs later my sexy silk blouse lay open to the waistline of my skirt. Gareth leaned forward and and pulled out his jacket tossing it almost across the room.

“Getting warm?” I asked.

He smiled then replied. “A little.”

I turned up the heat slipping my fingers beneath the silk and as I slid them up across the open buttons I spread it further until it slipped on either side of my black lace-covered tits. My hips continued their seductive gyrations as my feet moved until I was dancing with my back to Gareth. Outstretched fingers with flashing white tips slowly slid from the back of my thighs up over my ripe ass then came together at the tiny metal tape topping the zipper of my skirt. I slowly drew the tap down the scant six inches of its length releasing my stove pipe skirt’s firm grip around my waist but doing nothing to release the tight fit over my hips. My hands slid back up to grasp the material at my waist then I began moving my hips front and then backward. Each time I moved them forward I slipped the fabric down a little and each time I moved back the dress was stretched tight over my ass.

“You are so hot!”

Garth exclaimed as my sexy garment slowly descended from my ass.

It’s amazing how long it took to slide off the garments of my body whenever I was trying to seduce a client, it was so methodical and at the same time instinctive that I think it should be studied in schools. Finally, after at least a dozen times the skirt fell to the floor around my heels.

My silk blouse covered my ass but did little to hide the outline of the firm cheeks. Below the hem of my blouse, my creamy thighs and the silk-seamed stockings that covered my shapely legs were exposed to his voyeuristic stare I stepped out of the fallen fabric around my feet and then kicked my skirt aside as it had served its purpose.

“Gorgeous legs.” Garth complimented me from behind.

My hips and ass picked up the beat of the music and again began moving seductively as my fingers quickly undid the final two buttons of my blouse. I slipped the slinky garment off my shoulders and one arm holding it with my left hand as I stretched my arm out to my side. The silk blouse fluttered to the floor when I opened my hand. I let Garth enjoy the view of my creamy-white ass accentuated by the thin straps of my black thong and seamed stocking for a moment or two then gyrated my hips along with my feet to turn and face him.

Garth was getting really turned on now and I looked at him to notice a rather sizable bulge in his tailored slacks which was clearly a result of my sensual arousal by removing my skirt and blouse. Garth licked his lips in anticipation as his eyes gazed sheepishly at my soft cleavage now exposed in the vee of my lace bra.

He was properly aroused now but I wasn’t done seducing him just yet. I began dancing and drew my shoulder in allowing the strap to slip from my shoulder partway down my arms. Without even straightening up I slipped my fingers into my cleavage between my big titties then slowly peeled the lace cups down off my breasts. Garth let out a deep gasp as I straightened up and my breasts were finally exposed to his non-ending gaze. My hands slid over my hard nipple centered on each breast and I took my time to slowly roll the erect nipple between thumb and forefinger. My dance moved forward and Garth’s legs opened wider to allow me to dance to the edge of the couch. My flaring hips and lush firm tits swayed independently of each other giving him more gyrating flesh to stare lustfully at.

Garth’s trousers were now almost vertical pushed up by the surging erection which it covered. I dropped to my knees making my heavy boobs bounce as I settled between his thighs. My experienced fingers reached out and undid the buttons at his wrists then slid in to squeeze the firm muscles on top of his thighs. As I moved my hands up each strong leg toward the buttons that held Garth’s shirt together I paused to softly stroke his rock-hard cock through the fabric that imprisoned it. Garth moaned softly as my delicate caress moved along the object of my desire. I didn’t take nearly the amount of time unbuttoning his shirt as I had my blouse but I still took time to lightly scratch Garth’s flesh as my deft digits descended toward his waist.

His eyes, stared intently into mine as I tugged the shirt from beneath his slacks. He leaned slightly forward as I peeled the garment off his shoulders and then tossed it in the direction of his jacket. I leaned back and surveyed his naked torso. His chest muscles were well-defined. Erect nipples rose from his well-tanned chest, almost as erect as mine with both of our nipples begging for attention. Below his chest was an almost perfect set of six-packs on his kissable flesh. To be honest, I always tried to have fun on the job and enjoy the fuck as much as possible. There was no reason for me not to get satisfaction from a client when I did the same to him, everything all boiled down to being able to dictate the pace. Now, with his big cock and wonderful physique, I just knew I was in for a wonderful fuck. I smiled and then asked him.

“You must work out often.”

“Not that often.” He replied his eyes briefly rising to mine from their lustful gaze of my tits.

“Do you like my tits?”

I asked knowing the answer already. He leaned forward just a tad the whispered.

“Briana I love your tits.”

I smiled acknowledging his compliment then leaned forward placing my soft full tits in his lap.

To the slow beat of the music, I began sliding my tits over Garth’srock hard cock. Moving side to side then back and forth my lush pleasure mounds caressed his imprisoned erection.

I tilted my head back and stared into Garth’s sexy eyes as my tits continued their slow sensual massage of his throbbing cock.

“Do you want me to take it out?” I asked seeming filled with rhetorical questions at the moment.

Garth replied with one word.


I reached out with one hand to undo his belt and slipped the other between my lush tits.

Not wanting to sound silly again I said to him really seductively.

“I want that hard cock right here.”

His belt opened and my hands quickly undid the clasp of his trousers. Holding the waistband with one set of my sexy fingers I extended my pinky of the other much like an elegant lady would hold a delicate tea cup and pulled his zipper open. Garth lifted his hips and in an instant, his trousers were around his ankles. I reached down and slipped off both his shoes tossing them aside then gathered his trousers and disposed of them also. His black boxers tented up and stretched by the rock-hard cock beneath. I moved forward and slid my tits over the silk eliciting another sensual moan from him. The silk fabric caressed my hard nipples and they began tingling as they slipped over the silky material.

His throbbing cock twitched involuntarily pressing against the silk begging to be released. As my fingers moved to the bottom of two buttons that held his boxers around his waist I looked into his eyes and whispered.

“I want your hard cock between my tits.”

The button slipped through the small hole and I slipped my delicate finger through the opening finding Garth’s throbbing shaft. My fingertips danced along the quivering flesh until they reached the bulging smooth cock head at the end.

Garth groaned deeply as my hand circled his bulbous head and I slowly drew it back and through the opening of his boxers. His cock scent instantly wafted into my nostrils and my brain immediately sent a signal to my saliva glands causing my water to be filled with saliva. Garth’s cock was throbbing strongly in my hand with the bulbous smooth head poised a good seven inches above the boxer slit it extended from. I leaned forward and softly placed Garth’s cock between my lush firm tits deep in the soft cleavage. Pressing forward until my tongue could flick at an erect nipple on his cheek.

“Fuck them,” I whispered to him.

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