Briana, the Brazilian escort (final part)

Garth’s hips began slowly thrusting up off the leather couch as my lips circled and suckled his tight nipple. The silk on either side of his pulsing cock slid over my nipples sending swirls of pleasure spiraling off toward my brain. His throbbing cock slid up and down between my pleasure mounds the bulging urethra pressed tightly against my sensitive flesh. His hands moved in and laced into the hair above my ears and then gently lifted my face toward his.

Garth’s tongue appeared between moist lips and I instantly wrapped my soft lips around it sucking him into my mouth. Our kiss began with intensity and as we probed each other’s mouths and suckled each other’s lips the intensity built and left me gasping for air when we finally broke the awesome kiss off. My long tongue slowly circled the searing cock head then moved down to softly massage the velvety flesh of his corona before finally closing around the head and bathing it in warm saliva. With his cock head held firmly between my lips I released my hands and slid them around to claw at the tight flesh on Garth’s ass.

“Yes, that’s it!” Garth exclaimed as my hands pulled him toward me.

Inch after glorious inch of throbbing cock slipped through my tiny lips. I pulled back and lavished his bulbous cock head with a tongue bath for a moment then looked up into his steel gray hypnotic eyes.

“Take it all!” Garth begged.

I pulled his ass toward me again pressing his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. The flaring head wedged into the back of my throat then as I pulled harder it turned the corner and slipped into my throat.

“Oh god,” Garth exclaimed as my nose nestled into his pubic mound.

Garth reached out and placed his hand on my head his strong fingers stretched down the back toward my neck. His hand pulled me tighter against his loins as he thrust forward with his hips trying to force his big cock deeper into my hot tight throat. My nose was crushed against his pelvic mound. He pulled back until his throbbing cock slipped from my lips then thrust in again driving his surging cock around the bend and deep into my throat.

“Fuck my hot mouth.” I encouraged him.

“Pleasure yourself” he responded with the two of us giving out commands.

I slipped a finger no two under the wet triangle of lace covering my pussy and plunged them into my searing hot fuck tube. He fucked my mouth with his big cock and I pleasured myself for several minutes then he pulled out and released his death grip on my skull.

“I need to fuck your hot pussy.” Garth exclaimed.

He pulled me up and then lifted my feet from the floor carrying me on top of the enormous bed. I was deposited on the huge mattress like a rag doll flopping down and then bouncing once near the middle. Garth reached for my hips and forcefully removed my lace thong.

My wet pussy lay open before him. Glistening in the light twitching with anticipation of his first strong plunge to its fiery depths. My thighs opened wide until they rested flat on the bed. I stretched my arms toward him as he mounted the bed to get his money’s worth.

“Fuck me, Garth!” I pleaded.

He crawled up between my silk thighs holding his torso above me with straight arms. I reached between our loins and grasped his pulsing cock guiding it to my vulva. Sliding the bulbous tip through the swollen lips and coating it with my juices.

“Now Garth gimme that gorgeous cock.” I begged as I released my hold.

He entered me slowly at first plunging inside and spreading my tight fuck flesh perfectly. I instantly molded to his awesome shape and grasped at his throbbing cock internally. As he hit bottom his balls came to rest against my ass. His cock was the perfect length to fill me without stretching. Its bulbous head softly bumped into my tight cervix the flaring corona massaging my g-spot.

“God that feels so good,” I whispered to him while he soaked inside me.

He just loved hearing the encouragements from me and I planned to keep them coming. Garth pulled back and then thrust harder into my twitching pussy. Again his beautiful cock rubbed sensually over my g-spot and my loins came alive. I clenched my muscles tightly around his shaft massaging him as he withdrew again then locked my heels behind his back and began pulling him toward me with my legs.

“Fuck me harder!” I encouraged him.

His rhythm increased and he was soon pounding his throbbing cock into me. My pussy accepted his pounding cock happily setting my loins on fire and sending swirl after a glorious swirl of pleasure coursing through my body. He pulled out and sat back on his haunches.

“You on top now” He commanded.

I slipped from under his strong body and waited for him to recline on the bed. His cock stood straight up poised to have me drop my hot glistening pussy over it. I mounted him quickly wanting his pulsing cock buried inside me again. Garth grasped his erection and brought the glistening head to my swollen wet lips. As soon as I felt it spread me open I impaled myself on its throbbing length. A deep guttural moan escaped my throat as he filled me completely sending a spear of absolute pleasure blasting up my spine and I could see his eyes exploding like a Fourth of July firework, he was having just as much pleasure as I was.

“What beautiful tits,” Garth said as his strong hands moved up to roughly manhandle my heaving breasts. My hips began a slow methodical rhythm lifting then plunging down on Garth’s very hard cock. With each plunge, the bulbous smooth cock massaged my g-spot sending tingling sensations of ecstasy swirling through my loins.

“Fuck me!” Garth exclaimed my searing hot swollen fuck flesh caressing every inch of his huge cock.

His hands dropped to my hips and rode them as they navigated up and down like a sensuous carousel of lust sliding up and down his steel-hard pole of sex. I leaned forward and grasped one corner post of his bed dangling my soft tits inches above his mouth. Like a child reaching for the golden ring, his lips reached for and sucked one taut nipple between them.

“Oh god yes suck my nipples,” I screamed His lips and tongue pleasured the erect nipples like he’d never sucked a tight hard nipple before.

“Yes, baby yes!” I moaned over and over swinging my tits side to side so he could pleasure both nipples.

My hips continued their rhythmic sensual ride and I began feeling more and more signs that his wonderful cock would soon be driving me over the edge. My swollen fuck flesh sucked at his cock each time I lifted then relaxed and accepted his fuck pole as I slammed down over it.

“I’m gonna cum.” I screamed. “Fuck me harder, Garth”

Garth began thrusting up off the bed meeting my every sensual plunge down. My loins began to go numb as the awesome beginnings of my orgasm swirled through me.

“Oh YES!” I screamed as the full force of my climax slammed into me. My hips became a blur of sensual flesh and his strong manly thighs slapped up against my ass.

“Oh god oh god oh godddddd!” I moaned feeling wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure wash over me.

I rode his beautiful cock up and over the peak of pleasure then began a lustful sensual slide down the other side. Garth rock hard cock teased more and more tingling from the twitching fuck flesh it was engulfed by. My pussy had long since molded itself to the shape of his cock like clay in the hands of an artisan my pussy swelling to massage every nook and cranny of his great fuck tool.

Garth’s cock and my fingers were working their magic and I began to feel the tingling in my loins that always precedes my climax.

I dropped my shoulders to the bed arched my back and let his slow sensual fuck take me to the brink of orgasm in slow motion.

“Yes, Garth make me cum.” I told him.

Garth’s hands grasped my ass a little firmer but his thrusts continued their slow pace. My orgasms hit me like a ton of bricks slamming into me and building to the peak quickly. Stroke by glorious stroke my orgasm built. Moment by incredible moment I slowly crawled up the climactic mountain until it released and a tidal wave of pleasure consumed my body. My loins twitched and my pussy convulsed on his slow-motion fucking cock.

“OH GOD!” I exclaimed as my body went into sexual overdrive but his cock kept the same perfect rhythm.

I rode Garth’s incredible cock slowly over the pinnacle of pleasure then just as slowly crawled on hands and knees down the other side until the mind-bending climax had subsided and I was left a quivering mass of totally satisfied flesh.

“I’ve never cum so intensely,” I whispered to him giving him more of a confidence boost.

Garth thrust into my fiery depths then stopped his strong hands grasping at my soft ass cheeks holding me firmly impaled on his raging cock. He then flexed his muscles causing the head to press up applying even harder sensual pressure against my g-spot. I moaned softly feeling the bulbous flesh of his corona pressed into my most sensitive spot. His muscles relaxed and the pressure reduced. Garth began flexing then relaxing his internal muscles over and over again each time lifting the smooth cock head tighter against my g-spot. With his balls resting against my clit and his cock doing a vertical dance deep inside almost slapping my G-spot I climaxed again. More rockets of pleasure fired off from my loins and burst in a grand finale of lust inside my entire body.

“I’m cumming again!” I screamed as he kept me at the peak of orgasmic pleasure with his hugely talented muscles and pulsing cock.

I turned my head and looked back over my shoulder at him. The wide smile on his lips acknowledged that he had made me cum three times in a very short period of time. He clearly enjoyed pleasuring me. while many other escorts were scared of orgasming, I had come to learn that the clients did, in fact, enjoy seeing me cum, both the male and female clients enjoyed it. It was a win-win situation for me, I could properly enjoy myself and still get paid. Garth withdrew and sat back on his haunches his throbbing cock standing straight up from his loins. As I turned he demanded.

“Lick the taste of your pussy off my cock.” I captured the head of his cock between my lips and circled the swollen head with my wet tongue. Instantly my salivary glands exploded on his hot wet cock bathing saliva. I sucked and licked every inch of his cock clean then smiled up and him my lips and most of my face wet with spit I awaited his next sexual demand.

“On your knees slut!” He demanded pointing to the side of the bed. I instantly obeyed and slipped off the bed to kneel before him as he moved to sit. His eyes pierced mine as he pressed his fists into the soft bedding behind him and thrust his loins toward my cock craving body.

“Fuck it with those big tits.” He demanded.

I rose up and captured his rock-hard cock between the soft mounds of my pleasure spheres. My hands pressed the warm breast flesh inward completely engulfing him then slowly started humping his pulsing cock between my ripe tits.

“That’s it fuck it like that.” He demanded.

I dipped my head and spit on his hard cock head when it pressed from between my tits dragging hot saliva back into the soft flesh as I rose up. Over and over again I rose up then dropped humping his hard throbbing cock with my hot tit flesh occasionally spitting into the cleavage to keep it well lubricated.

“It’s burning my flesh,” I said as I stared up into his eyes.

Slowly his expression changed from one of complete pleasure to that of a man possessed. It was an expression I have seen a million times at this point. Possessed with the lustful desire for his own release.

Cum in my mouth,” I demanded.

His eyes became sexual slits his throbbing cock swelled as the hot cum pumped along its length toward the tiny opening at the tip of his big cock. His deep guttural groan signaled the beginning of his orgasm. I lifted it toward my open mouth and began stroking the shaft as his first thick shot of sweet cum flew into my mouth. My taste buds instantly recognized the sweet taste of cum his gorgeous cock was spewing as he pumped load after sweet thick load into my mouth.

“YES!” Garth exclaimed almost screaming.

His thick nectar filled my mouth and dribbled off my tongue splashing on my soft tits below his cock. As I continued jerking him off his cum shots became less intense and just oozed from the tip to drip onto my already wet tits running down over the nipples. Strings of thick cum hung from my tiny lips and chin as his cock finally expelled the final few drops over my delicate cock stroking my fingers. I began licking and sucking the thick cum from his big cock rubbing it against my soft lips and wet tongue.

“Eat that cum.” Garth said his eyes fixed on my cum coated face.

Holding Garth’s cock head in my mouth I released my grip on the shaft and then used both hands to smear his thick wads of cum completely across my heaving tits giving them a glistening coating of his wonderful seed. Garth grasped his cock shaft and pulled it from my oral grip then slapped it repeatedly against my extended tongue.

“Your a good little cock sucker,” Garth said as his cock rode up over my nose smearing the tip with his sticky sweet cum.

I reached up and placed my hands on Garth’s legs digging the nails into the tight hard flesh on his thighs.

“I want you to throat fuck me as hard as you fucked me,” I announced.

Rising up from my knees I moved to his side and lay down on the bed next to him my head resting beside his thigh. Garth smiled as he stood up knowing I was offering my throat and mouth for his continued pleasure.

I slid back a little and let my head drape over the edge straightening my oral fuck cavity for his absolute pleasure.

“Bury that beautiful hard cock deep in my throat,” I told him.

Garth moved forward as I opened my mouth and extended my tongue.

His cock still hard and pulsing slipped between my soft lips and slid along my still cum coated tongue. I inhaled deeply filling my lungs with life-sustaining oxygen knowing from experience that his invasion would be slow and complete. His bulbous tip pressed through the tight back of my mouth and I moaned sensually as his cock head slipped deep down my throat.

My throat muscles gripped his cock just as my pussy did and softly massaged the throbbing flesh. As his balls nestled against my face Garth placed his strong hands on my tits and began squeezing them roughly.

I reached up and dug my nails into Garth’s ass pulling him as deep as possible into my hot wet throat.

“Fuckin A!” Garth exclaimed.

He pulled back a little then slapped his balls against my face again as his cock bottomed out really deep in my throat. My sharp nails dug deep into the flesh on his ass as I urged him to fuck my mouth harder. Garth moaned deeply as he made short hard stabbing thrusts into my mouth his balls slapping against my face with each and every thrust. Hot saliva began oozing from my mouth and running down to my cheeks eyes and into my hair. My lungs burned needing to be refilled with oxygen but I was way too experienced at this point to give in.

Garth rock hard cock twitched and surged inside me. His balls splashed against my face. His groping hands roughly manhandled my big soft tits. Garth pulled back until just his cock head rested inside my lips. I sucked air in around the pulsing cock head then moved my hands back to his ass and pulled him deep inside again.

“Suck that fucking cock!” Garth exclaimed.

My throat molded to the shape of his big cock and he began making longer strokes enjoying the sensation of each time his flaring cock head slipped from my mouth into the soft wet searing hot flesh of my throat. Between thrusts inside I was able to exclaim.

“Fuck me.” Turning him on even more.

Garth’s hands slipped from my tits and he reached down to hold my head firmly as his pace quickened. My spit-coated face would soon be cum coated as his shaft swelled and his balls pumped hot thick cum.

“Cumming again!” Garth bellowed.

The sweet cum shot down my throat and as Garth pulled back filled my mouth with a hot thick wad. Garth pulled out and jerked his shaft as it oozed a stream of sweet hot cum into my wanton mouth and over my wet lips.

“I love the taste of your cum.” I said to him as he continued pumping his fist.

I lifted my head and licked over his balls and along the shaft collecting every drop of sperm I could reach.

“Incredible,” Garth exclaimed as the final few drops oozed from his cock and he offered the head to my cum craving mouth.

After licking and sucking his cock head clean I said.

“I’m the best cock sucker on the planet.”

He began to move back as he said.

“You’re the best London escort whore I’ve ever fucked.”

It was just another night and yet another customer satisfied. Remember my name is Briana and I have a feeling you Will be hearing more from me and from my fellow escorts. Stay tuned in.